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Krishak Bazar

Krishak Bazars have been/are being constructed in three phases (Phase-I, Phase- II, Phase-III) in the blocks of this State on the basis of necessity. These Krishak Bazars possess advanced and modern infrastructural facilities like

West Bengal is enriched with different agricultural commodities. By profession a large number of people belongs to farm commodities. Earlier it was noticed that due to the scarcity of suitable market as well as modernized marketing facilities, the farmers did not get better remunerated prices against t heir commodities. Due to circumstantial compulsion they used to make distressed sale against their commodities. Considering the situation the decision for construction of Krishak Bazar was taken.

Till date 186 Krishak Bazars have been constructed at different blocks of this state. Those Krishak Bazars consists better marketing infrastructure like Auction Platform, Farmers Rest House, Administrative Building,Weighbridge, Godown, Shop-cum-Godown, Krishak Sahayak Kendra etc. Some of those Krishak Bazars are being connected with National Agricultural Market (e-NAM).

List Of Krishak Bazar

Coochbehar District

First Phase: - Sitalkuchi B.S.F,Mathabhanga-II S.A.R.F., Puradubi, Tufanganj R.M.C. Yard.

Second Phase: -Dinhata – I B.S.F., Setai B.S.F., Mathabhanga - I B.S.F., Mekhliganj B.S.F., Haldibari B.S.F.

Darjeeling District

First Phase: Salbari BSF .

Second Phase: Phansidewa B.S.F.

Malda District

First Phase: - Sub-Divisional Adaptive Research Farm-Chanchal

Second Phase: - Harischandrapur-I B.S.F, Gazole B.S.F, Bamongola B.S.F, Habibpur B.S.F, Kaliachak-I B.S.F., Kaliachak-III B.S.F.

Third Phase: - PMY of erstwhile Samsi.

Alipurduar District

First Phase: - Falakata B.S.F.

Second Phase: - Nagrakata B.S.F, Madarihat Birpara B.S.F, Alipurduar-I B.S.F, Kumargram B.S.F, Kalchini B.S.F,

Third Phase: - Alipurduar-II B.S.F.

Jalpaiguri District

First Phase: - Belacoba PMY

Second Phase: -Mainaguri B.S.F., Dhupguri B.S.F, Mal Lataguri B.S.F, Metiali B.S.F

North 24 Pgs District

First Phase: - Gaighata B.S.F, Bongaon B.S.F, Bagda Adarsha Krish Farm, Habra Model Farm, Basirhat II S.A.R.F, Minakhan B.S.F, Barrackpore B.S.F.

Second Phase: - Deganga B.S.F, Hingalganj B.S.F.,

South 24 Pgs District

First Phase: - Bishnupur II B.S.F, Diamond Harbour B.S.F,Mathurapur-I B.S.F,Gosaba Salt & Food Resistant Paddy Research Institute

Second Phase: - Baruipur B.S.F,Sagar B.S.F,Pathar Pratima B.S.F,

Uttar Dinajpur District

First Phase: -Islampur S.A.R.F. , Itahar B.S.F

Second Phase: - Karandighi B.S.F, Raiganj B.S.F, Hemtabad B.S.F, Kaliaganj B.S.F.

Dakshin Dinajpur District

First Phase: - Gangarampur B.S.F, Kumarganj S.A.R. F. , Hili B.S.F, Tapan B.S.F, Balurghat Agricultutal Training Centre, Mahinagar

Second Phase: - Kushmandi B.S.F., Bansihari B.S.F,

Third Phase: - Harirampur B.S.F,

Nadia District

First Phase: - S.A.R.F. Hanskhali,ATC-Fulia,Ranaghat W.M.R.S ,Tehatta I B.S.F.,Krishnaganj S.A.R.F., Bethuadahari P.M.Y,Kaliganj B.S.F., Nakashipara S.A.R.F

Second Phase: - Karimpur-I B.S.F.,Krishnanagar-I B.S.F

Howrah District

First Phase: - Udaynarayanpur B.S.F, Bagnan B.S.F, Shyampur-II B.S.F, Ulberia S.A.R.F,

Second Phase: - Amta-I B.S.F.,

Purba Medinipur District

First Phase: - S.A.R.F- Contai - II , Panskura-I B.S.F., Nandigram B.S.F., Bhagwanpur II B.S.F.

Second Phase: - Egra-I B.S.F,, Potashpur-I B.S.F.

Second Phase: - PMY of erstwhile Tamluk.

Jhargram District

First Phase: - S.A.R.F. Jhargram (Jamda) Jhargram, Binpur-II B.S.F

Second Phase: -Kharikhamathani BSF, Binpur -I BSF.

Paschim Burdwan District

First Phase: -

Second Phase: - Kanska Block Seed Farm.

Purulia District

First Phase: - Barabazar B.S.F., Balarampur Seed Farm ,Manbazar-I B.S.F., Hathwara Block Seed Farm under Purulia-II, Nituria B.S.F., SARF under Kashipur.

Second Phase: -Jhalda-I B.S.F, Joypur B.S.F, Bagmundi B.S.F, Hura B.S.F, Puncha B.S.F., Santuri B.S.F., Para B.S.F.

Birbhum District

First Phase: - State Agricultural Farm, Suri, B.S.F-Dubrajpur, S.A.R.F.- Md. Bazar , BSF-Mollarpur, Mureshwar-I, BSF Dokholbati under Morgram GP-I, Muraroi II B.S.F., S.A.R.F. -Nishintapur, Rampurhat-I, Nanoor B.S.F., Bolpur S.A.R.F., Labhpur B.S.F.

Second Phase: - Sainthia B.S.F, Nalhati-I B.S.F, Illambazar B.S.F.

Hooghly District

First Phase: - Singur S.A.R.F,Dhaniakhali Model Farm, Balagarh B.S.F, Adisaptagram B.S.F, Gourhati Samabay Himghar-Arambagh, Pursurah S.A.R.F, Jangipara B.S.F

Second Phase: - Polba/Dadpur B.S.F,

Second Phase: - PMY of erstwhile Sheoraphuli, PMY of erstwhile Champadanga, PMY of erstwhile Pandua

Paschim Medinipur District

First Phase: - Sabang B.S.F., B.S.F./S.A.R.F. : Soil Conservation, Medinipur, B. S . F . Garbeta - I Kharkushma, Goaltore B.S.F, Keshpur B.S.F., Narayangarh B.S.F., J.M.F.-Kesiary, Pingla B.S.F., Jhakra S.M. Yard (Chandrakona-II).

Second Phase: - Garbeta-II B.S.F.,Chandrakona-I B.S.F

Second Phase: - PMY of erstwhile Ghatal , Chandrakona

Bankura District

First Phase: - Dry Land Research Station, Bankura - I, State Agriculture Research Farm, Saltora, Patrasayar B.S.F., Indus B.S.F., Block Seed Farm, (Pansheuli) Bishnupur, Kotulpur Model Farm, Joyrambati, District Seed Farm-Susunia/S.E. Railway, Jhantipahari, Chhatna.

Second Phase: - Joypur B.S.F.

Second Phase: - Onda BSF

Murshidabad District

First Phase: - Berhampur Model Seed Farm, Hariharpara B.S.F. , Sagardighi B.S.F. , State Agricultural Research Farm-Kandi

Second Phase: - Nawda B.S.F, Beldanga-I B.S.F., Samserganj B.S.F., Farakka B.S.F., Suti -I B.S.F., Suti-II B.S.F., Raghunathganj-I B.S.F., Nabagram B.S.F., Raghunathganj-II B.S.F.,Khargram B.S.F., Bharatpur-I B.S.F., Bharatpur-II B.S.F., Burwan B.S.F.,Lalgola B.S.F.,Bhagawangola-I B.S.F.,Raninagar-I B.S.F., Msd. Jiaganj B.S.F., Jalangi B.S.F.,

Purba Burdwan District

First Phase: - Ketugram-I B.S.F., Ketugram-II B.S.F., Burdwan District Seed Farm, Galsi-I B.S.F, Burdwan (N), Bhatar B.S.F, Burdwan (N), Purbasthali-I B.S.F, S.A.R.F Kalna, Memari-I, B.S.F., Block Seed Farm, Jamalpur

Second Phase: - Katwa-I B.S.F, Mongalkot B.S.F, Ausgram-I B.S.F, Ausgram-II B.S.F, Purbasthali-II B.S.F,Monteswar B.S.F., Memari II B.S.F. Raina I Block Seed Farm.-Raina II Block Seed Farm.,

Third Phase: - PMY of erstwhile Kalna , PMY of erstwhile Katwa

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